Reading Rooms Bulletin: News Update 2018 to 2019

It's been another great year  year for Croydon Reading Rooms with lots of new activities and use! We have Dance & French classes, our very popular Tuesday group, & Tai Ji on Thursdays!


We still have plans to put a small extension on the end to store the Tables & Chairs conveniently & safely and to then improve the outside area after removing the shed, so that activities such as Tai Chi and yoga can take place. We already have interested parties. Just watch this space! French doors through the old chimney will hopefully will allow assess in and out of the garden and create more natural light in the room.


The old chimney is unsafe and leaking water so will need to be removed and the roof made good with the guttering on the left hand side. 


Improvements to the kitchen hatch will help cement the Reading Room as the perfect spot for coffee mornings and fund raisers. It's going to be an exciting time for The Reading Room!